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How to download

The bleeding edge version will be available through a Subversion repository, the latest stable release will be available as a gzipped tarfile here. Debian packages will be available externally sometime in the future.

2012-02-03: METAMOD v2.10 released

  • Installation vastly simplified, now everything runs from source (no script generation needed)
  • All software available as Debian packages, including dependencies
    • metno-metamod-2.10: Lucid
    • metno-perl-webdev-ver1: Lucid

2011-09-08: METAMOD v2.9 released

2011-08-24: METAMOD v2.8 released

2010-12-22: METAMOD v2.7 released

2010-11-25: METAMOD v2.6 released

Older releases:

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