EMEP experts and TFMM wiki page

These pages are created to server documentation and joint work of interest to the task force of measurements and modelling (TFMM).

The wiki pages are particularly created to exchange and share information on recommended methods for the TFMM trend assessment in 2015. Links to available and relevant papers and reports are shared in addition to benchmark datasets, which could be used for calculation trends.

At the TFMM web page you find presentations held at the TFMM workshop and relevant information of activities in the task force.

If you wish, volunteer or are obliged to edit these pages, please send email to <emep.mscw<at>met.no> to obtain account and password.

TFMM Trend methods

TFMM Selected Stations

TFMM Trend assessment national reports

Eurodelta/TFMM Trend modelling

Eurodelta-Carb EMEP/CAMS model experiment: PM

Eurodelta-Carb EMEP/CAMS model experiment: BaP

TFMM Trend assessment publications

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