EURODELTA-CARB model experiment, BaP Phase

Coordination & Analysis

  • Augustin Colette (INERIS, TFMM Chair)
  • MSC-E/EMEP : Alexey Gusev
  • CIEMAT: Marta Garcia Vivanco


  • MSC-E/EMEP : Alexey Gusev
  • France: INERIS/Chimere : Florian Couvidat
  • Spain: CIEMAT/CHIMERE: Marta Garcia Vivanco
  • Spain: BSC/MONARCH: Oriol Jorba
  • Finland: FMI/SILAM: Rostislav Kouznetsov, Evgeny Kadantsev
  • Italy: ENEA/MINNI: Mihaela Mircea, Ilaria Delia, Mario Adani
  • Slovakia: SHMU: Veronika Mináriková
  • Poland: IEP/GEM-AQ: Joanna Strużewska


  • CCC/NILU: EMEP observations
  • EEA/ETC: AQ e-reporting data

Main motivation:

  • Model intercomparison / performances for BaP, also in relation with modelling of correlated species: PM, EC, levo
  • Reference BaP levels for exposure assessment in relation with EU target levels
  • Link BaP with PAHs in general in relation with Gothenburg Protocol Review
  • Sensitivity to modelled processes

Annual simulation encompassing IMP field campaing in the winter of 2017/2018 Referred to as Experiment “E” of Eurodelta-Carb PM modelling phase, with adaptation in the model technical specifications below

all input/output data are on, contact for login details

  • Geographical domain: 0.1 deg resolution, 25°W-45°E, 30°N-72°N
  • Time period: 20171201-20181231 (excluding spin-up)
  • Meteorology: IFS recommended (exceptions allowed)
  • Boundary Conditions: C-IFS recommended (exceptions allowed)


  • Surface only
  • 0.1 deg resolution, 25°W-45°E, 30°N-72°N
  • Netcdf: 1 file per species (whole period)
  • ng/m3 for BaP, µg/m3 for other species (gas/particulate species)
  • daily mean
  • BaP, PM10, PM2.5, NO2, O3 (daily max), OC, EC, PM_wildfire, NO3_25 (nitrate in PM2.5 fraction), NH4_25 (ammonium in PM2.5 fraction), SO4_25 (sulfate in PM2.5 fraction)
  • May 2021 (TFMM): Agree on experiment design
  • June 2021: all input data available (inc. emissions provided by MSC-E)
  • Sep/Oct 2021: complete model runs
  • Nov 2021: telco for preliminary analysis
  • March 2022: telco for discussion of final results
  • May 2022: final presentation at TFMM
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