Peer-reviewed publications

  • Denby, Bruce Rolstad, Michael Gauss, Peter Wind, Qing Mu, Eivind Grøtting Wærsted, Hilde Fagerli, Alvaro Valdebenito, and Heiko Klein, 2020: Description of the uEMEP_v5 downscaling approach for the EMEP MSC-W chemistry transport model, GMD,
  • Mingrui Ma, Weihua Chen, Shiguo Jia, Ming Chang, Buqing Zhong, Xuemei Wang, 2020: A new method for quantification of regional nitrogen emission - Deposition transmission in China, Atmospheric Environment 227,
  • Reksten, Jarle and Arnt-Børre Salberg, 2020: Estimating Traffic in Urban Areas from Very-High Resolution Aerial Images, Journal International Journal of Remote Sensing, 42, 865-883,
  • Wind, P., B. R. Denby, and M. Gauss, 2020: Local fractions – a method for the calculation of local source contributions to air pollution, illustrated by examples using the EMEP MSC-W model (rv4_33), Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 1623–1634,

Conference Presentations

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