Frequently asked questions to AeroCom phase III

Question: Nitrate Experiments: Is it only the anthropogenic emissions that are perturbed? Or are we going to perturb the natural emissions as well (e.g. oceanic NH3 and NOx from lightning, biomass burning)?

Answer: It's only the anthropogenic emissions that are perturbed for NOx and SOx. For NH3, please only increase agriculture emission including domestic animal (i.e. manure) and fertilizer while keeps others unchanged.

Question: Which data output requests have been made for CMIP5, ACCMIP, HTAP2, AerocomPhaseII?

Answer: See the following files, orders historical:

AerocomPhaseII version Oct 2009

ACCMIP version Oct 2013

CMIP5 version Nov 2013

HTAP2 version Apr 2014

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