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ProRad is a software system for processing radar data.

The system has a wide range of capabilities ranging from clutter filtering polar volumes to generating mosaics, or composites, from 2D products or datasets.

ProRad consist of a collection of specialised programs each handling a limited set of operations on the supplied datasets. Combined these programs provide a powerful tool for processing radar data, and synchronisation of the processing is handled through message passing between the programs. The messages are basically an announcement of data, or products, and some metadata to identify the dataset.

There is no need to configure the message passing between the individual programs; it is an inherent feature of the system.

What ProRad can do for you

You may use ProRad for (all, or any of)

  • filtering polar volumes to be used for NWP assimilation
  • apply VPR correction to polar volumes, and generate 2D products such as SRI, PPI or PCAPPI, from the corrected volumes
  • generate mosaics, or composites, from 2D products
  • accumulated precipitation products from single site or mosaics products (SRI, PPI, PCAPPI, MAX)
  • re-project 2D products
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