At the start of the project, we formulated the following mission statement

“Construct a flexible, scaleable, event driven and distributed system for processing radar-data, capable of handling all necessary processing of 2D and 3D datasets.”

which still is the guideline for the continued development of the system.

ProRad is is licensed under GPL version 2 or (at your option) any later version. (A copy of the license is also found on the License page.)

ProRad - Processing framework for Radar data.

The system has a wide range of capabilities ranging from clutter filtering polar volumes to generating mosaics, or composites, from 2D products or 3D datasets.

ProRad consist of a collection of specialised programs, or modules, each handling a limited set of operations on the supplied datasets. Combined these programs/modules provide a powerful tool for processing radar data, and synchronisation of the processing is handled through message passing between the programs/modules. The messages are basically an announcement of data, or products, and some metadata to identify the dataset.

Development of the ProRad system started in the autumn of 2005 at The first operational version of ProRad was installed at in June 2008. The QC algorithms developed as part of the joint 3 year long project with the hydro power sector, was declared pre-operational November 2011. The routines were declared fit for operational use in January 2012. ProRad is currently used for all processing, and visualisation of radar data at Most of the ProRad software and libraries are written in C/C++.

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