The ProRad software is provided “as is”, and please keep Donald Knuth's venerated saying in mind
“Premature optimization is the root of all evil.”

ProRad requires at least the following libraries to be installed for compilation:

  • gcc, g++ (and gfortran)
  • libxml2 >= 2.7
  • qt4
  • libssl >= 0.9.8
  • proj-4 >= 4.6.1
  • boot libraries (at least filesystem regex program_options)
  • log4cxx >= 10.0
  • libgd >= 2.0
  • libgdal >= 1.4.0
  • libtiff >= 4.2
  • libgeotiff >= 1.2.4
  • libhdf5 >= 1.8.7 (for ODIM H5 support)
  • OPERA BUFR (for WRWP to BUFR conversion)

The current release of the ProRad system comes without the bells and whistles of GNU automake. A build script is included in this version, but the script will not warn you if libraries are missing.

The build script is located in the folder “build-scripts”. You run the script in the following way

bash build-scripts/

and the script will build the ProRad modules in the correct order.

Each step in the build script will produce a file named “make.log”. If a step in the build procedure fails, you will be notified by the build-script. The script will tell you where it failed, and you will find more information in the make.log file of that directory/folder.

After you have run the build script the ProRad modules will be installed in the ./bin directory.

Please see the file named Configuration for details on configuring and running ProRad.

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