Nathan Cunningham njcu@bas.ac.uk
Ruth Duerr rduerr@nsidc.org
Taco de Bruin Taco.de.Bruin@nioz.nl
Kim Finney Kim.Finney@aad.gov.au
John Huck JHuck@library.ualberta.ca
Øystein Godøy o.godoy@met.no
Mark A. Parsons parsonsm@nsidc.org
Peter L. Pulsifer pulsifer@nsidc.org
Jan Svensson Jan.Svensson@smhi.se
Scott Tomlinson Scott.Tomlinson@ainc-inac.gc.ca
Christopher Turner cmturn03@syr.edu
Simon Wilson s.wilson@inter.nl.net
Julie Friddell julie.friddell@uwaterloo.ca

Email everybody: polar_profile@nsidc.org

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