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Dear colleagues,

Identifying the needs for guidelines and standards of cryospheric observations is a key task of GCW. In order to get an overview on existing guidelines and standards for cryospheric observations I started with a table (see attachment) capturing snow and glaciers. It would be important for GCW CryoNet, and for the cryospheric community in general, to have such list available covering all components of the cryosphere and covering all relevant documents.

We want to add this list of guidelines and standards to the CryoNet document, which is currently under discussion within the GCW CryoNet group.

What should be included to the list:

In general the list should include guidelines and standards accepted at the international level. I think in some cases we could add also national guidelines, if they are used/accepted at an international level or provide something which is not available at the international level. Please have a look on the examples in the document in the attachment to get a better impression on what is needed.

Please send me your information on guidelines and standards (making additions to the existing doc-file) ASAP (would be very helpful within 3 days for a GCW report to WIGOS) but no later than February 15th 2013.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,


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