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The development of the ProRad software system started late 2005, and the first operational version was installed at in June 2008. The parts of ProRad developed for processing polar volume data are currently pre-operational, and will be made operational early January 2012.

ProRad in it's current configuration is capable of making mosaics, or composites, from 2D products, process polar volume data, produce 2D products from processed volume data to mention a few highlights.

The processing suite for 2D data and polar volumes includes

  • VPR correction
  • clutter classification (sea, ground, sun flare - not tested for RLAN interference)
  • blockage calculation for 2D products and polar volumes
  • precipitation classification - currently based on NWP data
  • accumulations
  • projections of 2D products (Proj4)

The ProRad meta-data structure and ProRad XML file format used for storing 2D products and polar volumes, contains flags for storing information on

  • clutter classification (e.g. sun flare, sea clutter, ground clutter)
  • clutter probability
  • beam block percent (geometric)
  • precipitation classification (NWP based classification)
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