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 ===== Operation and maintenance ===== ===== Operation and maintenance =====
 +==== Which metadata standards are supported ====
 +The [[:​metamod:​xml-format|XMD-files used within METAMOD]] has a tag that identifies the metadata standard used. Currently the following standards are supported:
 +  * GCMD DIF
 +  * ISO19115
 +  * MM2
 +The native format of METAMOD is MM2 and this is connected to the datamodel used in the database. As of version 2.13 work is ongoing to support a new format named MMD which makes translation to DIF and ISO easier. For a new format to be supported, modifications of the software is required.
 ==== How do I remove datasets? ==== ==== How do I remove datasets? ====
-FIXME+The best solution is to use the administration interface (require login and appropriate user rights) and the "​Dataset manager"​. Within this interface datasets can be deactivated. they will still be in the database, but will be invisible. Sometimes conflicts between datasets may arise (due to naming conventions) which may require a full reinitialisation of the database. If a dataset is to be permanently removed, remove the XML and XMD files from the webrun directory and follow the steps under [[#How do I reinitialise the database?​]]. This require access to the webrun directory at the server running METAMOD.
-==== How do I change ​metadata? ====+Unused or obsolete metadata files may be removed from the XML directory. Any warnings caused by this will be removed after full reinitialisation of the database. 
 +==== How do I edit metadata? ==== 
 +FIXME - A new editor has been developed, but not fully integrated yet.  
 +The preferred solution is to use the metadata editor included in the software. This is launched using the "File upload"​ menu and the option "​Dataset administration"​. Login and appropriate privileges are required. 
 +Sometimes, the solution above is insufficient. Under such conditions, direct modification of metadata and import of these from the webrun directory using ''​import_datasets''​ may be an option. This option should be used with care!  
 +==== How do I control visualisation and transformation of datasets ==== 
 +Visualisation and transformation of datasets are configured through metadata.  
 +For OGC WMS to be activated for a dataset a section similar to the one below is required. 
 +  <wmsInfo xmlns:​w="​http://​​schema/​metamod/​ncWmsSetup">​ 
 +    <​w:​ncWmsSetup url="​%THREDDS_DATAREF%"​ aggregate_url="​http://​​thredds/​wms/​normap/​arctic25km_seaice_aggr"​ xsi:​schemaLocation="​http://​​schema/​metamod/​ncWmsSetup ncWmsSetup.xsd ">​ 
 +      <​w:​displayArea crs="​EPSG:​32661"​ left="​-1000000"​ right="​5000000"​ bottom="​-1000000"​ top="​5000000"/>​ 
 +      <w:layer name="​NORSEX"​ style="​BOXFILL/​rainbow"/>​ 
 +      <w:layer name="​NASA_Team"​ style="​BOXFILL/​rainbow"/>​ 
 +      <w:layer name="​Bristol"​ style="​BOXFILL/​rainbow"/>​ 
 +      <w:layer name="​Bootstrap"​ style="​BOXFILL/​rainbow"/>​ 
 +    </​w:​ncWmsSetup>​ 
 +  </​wmsInfo>​ 
 +This section describes the initial view to present and the layers that are available. If the number of layers should be truncated, add ''​maxlayers="​0"''​ to ''​ncWmsSetup'''​. In the displayArea field, coordinate need to be provided in the coordinates of the map projection defined (using EPSG codes). 
 +To enable transformation of a gridded dataset, add ''​dataref_OPENDAP''​ to MM2 metadata or edit e.g. dif2MM2.xslt to reflect this variable. 
 +If the dataset is not a gridded dataset, but e.g. a timeseries, addition of a MM2 field named ''​timeseries''​ will remove the transform button and add Timeseries and ASCII buttons which are used to visualise a timeseries or download it as ASCII formatted data. The format of the timeseries field is of the form 
 +<​metadata name="​timeseries">​time,​sea_ice_extent</​metadata>​ 
-FIXME+Where the first variable is used as the X axis. The others (up to two) will be plotted on the Y axis.
 ==== How do I reinitialise the database? ==== ==== How do I reinitialise the database? ====
-Use the following recipe:+Use the following recipe ​(information in <> to be substituted as appropriate):
-  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​metamodServices-NORMAP ​stop +  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​metamodServices-<​implementation> ​stop 
-  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​catalyst-NORMAP ​stop +  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​catalyst-<​implementation> ​stop 
-  - sudo -u <​owner>​ <​implementation directory>/​base/​init/​ <​configuration directory>​ +  - sudo -u <web server ​owner> <​implementation directory>/​base/​init/​ <​configuration directory>​ 
-  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​metamodServices-NORMAP ​start +  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​metamodServices-<​implementation> ​start 
-  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​catalyst-NORMAP ​start+  - sudo /​etc/​init.d/​catalyst-<​implementation> ​start
 +==== Manual modification of metadata ====
 +This is possible provided the user has the correct priveliges. XML-files in the XML-directory may be edited manually and inserted in the database utilising the script ''​''​. This can also be used to include metadata harvested from an external system. ​
 ===== Metadata exchange ===== ===== Metadata exchange =====
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 ===== File formats ===== ===== File formats =====
 +==== File formats relevance for METAMOD ====
 +METAMOD is essentially agnostic concerning file formats. However, [[#​NetCDF/​CF|as mentioned below]], METAMOD has extended support for data uploaded as NetCDF/CF following the requirements of METAMOD.
 +Basically METAMOD can relate to any file as long as the metadata are created manually and uploaded, but metadata can be extracted automatically from NetCDF/CF files. ​
 ==== NetCDF/CF ==== ==== NetCDF/CF ====
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