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Proposed preliminary AerChemMIP analysis topics

Names for Leads and Contributors are tentative, will be discussed further at initial workshop June 2018, Reading

I. Pre-Industrial to present day forcing (ERF)
Lead Michael Schulz
Contributors Gunnar Myhre, Amanada Maycock

II. Climate impacts (temperature and precipitation) from chemistry and aerosols
Lead Gunnar Myhre, Michaela Heggelin
Contributors Bill Collins, Amanada Maycock

III. Biogeochemical feedbacks
Lead Bill Collins

IV. Effect of climate (1% CO2, 4xCO2) on composition

V. Composition and air quality changes in historical and future scenarios
Lead Drew Shindell
Contributors Michael Prather, Jordan Schnell

Vb. Nitrogen Deposition
Lead Jean Francois Lamarque

VI. Evaluation of Historical and AMIP
Lead Mattia Righi
Contributors Veronika Eyring, Michael Schulz, Steven Smith

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