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 ====== WDB ====== ====== WDB ======
-WDB is a database system designed to store **W**eather ​and **W**ater data (also referred to as MHO - Meteorological,​ Hydrological,​ and Oceanographic ​datain a PostgreSQL database management server. The overall ​purpose of the system is to improve the effectiveness and quality of IT systems for MHO production. The system is intended to provide ​complete ​real-time and archive data storage solution.+WDB is a database system designed to store meteorological,​ hydrological ​and oceanographic ​(MHOdata in a PostgreSQL database management server. The purpose of the WDB system is to improve the quality ​and effectiveness ​of IT systems for MHO production ​by providing ​flexible and effective data storage solution for real-time and archive data.
-WDB is being developed to: +The WDB system consists of a database server system ​including a read/​write ​interface to the database, a set of loading programs ​for inserting various types of MHO data into the system, and a http product generator.
-  * Decode and store meteorological,​ hydrological,​ and oceanographic observations/​point forecasts, ​including ​chemical or physical data but excluding biological and environmental data. Such data is assumed to be encoded in BUFR telegrams. +
-  * Decode and store meteorological forecast fields (forecasts, analysis, etc.) as well as oceanographic fields (wave and circulation models). Such data is assumed to be encoded in GRIB-fm5 or GRIB2 files. +
-  * Provide ​flexible retrieval ​interface to the database for JavaFortran, C++, Perl and Python.+
-===== Current Status: ===== 
-WDB is capable of decoding and storing meteorological and oceanographics forecast fields from GRIB files. It allows retrieval of time-series (points) and entire fields using an SQL-based function interface (tested with C++, but should be compatible with Java, Perl, Python and Fortran).+===== WDB Features =====
-=====  Roadmap =====+  * **Decode and store meteorological and oceanographic forecast fields** 
 +    * WDB has loading programs to load forecasts, analysis, wave and circulations models stored in GRIB1 and FELT format. Metadata is provided for HIRLAM fields
-Current development goals:+  * **Flexible retrieval interface** 
 +    * The WDB Call Interface (WCI) allows the extraction of entire fields or points (time-series) from the database using an SQL-based function interface. 
 +    * WCI is compatible with C++; it should be usable in C, Java, Perl, Python, and Fortran as well (however, these interfaces are not yet tested).
-  * Putting WDB into production in the Hindcast project (multi-terabyte forecast field archive) +  * **Open Source** 
-  Creating a load-balancing and fail-over solution for the WDB system +    WDB is licensed under [[http://​​licenses/​old-licenses/​gpl-2.0.html|GPL2]] or (at your option) any later version.
-  * Improving the test framework and documentation +
-  * Improving the performance of the overall system+
 +===== Get WDB =====
 +The latest release of WDB is version 1.0.1. WDB has been in limited usage as a forecast archive since version 0.6.0 released in March 2008. WDB entered full production usage on [[http://​|]] with version 0.7.8 at the end of February 2009. Currently, the [[http://​|]] website is run on a backbone of WDB servers.
 +You can access the WDB source code on [[http://​​wdb|github]].
 +To subscribe to release information about WDB, register on Freshmeat and subscribe to [[http://​​projects/​wdb|WDB]].
 +===== Help =====
 +The [[Mailing Lists]] should be your first stop if you have problems with WDB.
 +[[http://​​search/?​group_id=214820&​type_of_search=mlists|Search the mailing list archives]] to see if your problem has been answered before. If you are unable to find a response that helps you, post your questions to the appropriate mailing list (non-subscribers can post). For questions not concerning the development of WDB, use the [[http://​​mailarchive/​forum.php?​forum_name=wdb-users|WDB Users]] mailing list.
 +===== Development =====
 +WDB is an open-source project; we welcome contributions to the code and we will help you get more involved, if you want to be. Use the [[developers]] section on the left, and post your questions, ideas, and suggestions to the [[http://​​mailarchive/​forum.php?​forum_name=wdb-development|WDB Development]] mailing list.
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