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Meteorological input variables

Variables that should be included are listed in a document, which can be downloaded here. It has already been sent to global climate modellers, e.g. our NorESM colleagues at, our ECHAM colleagues at FZJ, and our RCA3 colleagues at SMHI.

In case of comments to this table, send an e-mail to Michael G.


As we are changing the model version (cycle) from 36r1(T799,L60) to 38r4(T1279,L60) discussions on meteorological fields is again a subject:

Requested parameters:

  • relative_humidity_2m (for cycle36r1 relative humidity is on pressure levels only), but can be calculated from 2m_temp and 2m_dewpoint_temp as suggested:
  • Eta-coordinate vertical velocity(77.128)
  • sst(34.128) - is currently available in all? years downloaded mars-files
  • snow depth(141.128) - m of water equivalent
  • heat fluxes (currently: Accumulated surf. sens./lat. heat flux(146.128/147.128) → wanted: Instantaneous surf. sens(231.128))
  • surface stress (currently: Accumulated X/Y surface stress(180.128/181.128) → wanted: Instantaneous X/Y surface stress(229.128/230.128))
  • Boundary layer height (159.128) - is in MARS and not yet downloaded to mars-files
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