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EURODELTA-CARB, EMEP/CAMS model experiment



  • Augustin Colette (INERIS, EMEP/TFMM Chair, CAMS_50 Scientific Advisor)


  • EMEP/MSC-W: Hilde Fagerli, David Simpson, Svetlana Tsyro (Met Norway MSC-W, NO)
  • EMEP/MSC-E: Alexey Gusev (MSC-East, RU)
  • CHIMERE: Augustin Colette, Frédérik Meleux (INERIS, FR), Marta Garcia Vivanco (CIEMAT, ES), Bertrand Bessagnet (LMD, FR)
  • DEHM: Camilla Geels, Lise Frohn (Aarhus, DK)
  • GEM-AQ: Joanna Strużewska (IEP, PL)
  • Lotos-Euros: Renske Timmermans (TNO, NL), John Ntouros (KNMI, NL)
  • MATCH: Camilla Andersson, Ana Carvalho, Lennart Robertson (SMHI, SE)
  • MINNI: Mihaela Mircea, Mario Adani (ENEA, IT)
  • MOCAGE: Joaquim Arteta (Meteo-France, FR)
  • MONARCH: Oriol Jorbal (BCS, ES)
  • SILAM: Rostislav Kouznetsov (FMI, FI)
  • WRF-CHEM: Aura Lupascu (IASS, DE)


  • Maria Cruz Minguillon (CSIC, ES)
  • Wenche Aas, Stephen Platt, (NILU/CCC, NO)


  • Jeroen Kuenen (TNO, NL)


Main motivation: improve the modelling of Black Carbon (Tagged Elemental Carbon), SOA (Condensables), and BaP

Take stock of (i) Developments in emission inventories (LRTAP BC, condensables) and (ii) Winter 2017/2018 field campaign (EMEP/ACTRIS/COLOSSAL)

Modelling experiment

Assess the impact of a more consistent emission inventory for wood burning

A: CAMS-REG-AP_v2.2.1_2015_REF1: EMEP National Totals + TNO Spatialisation

B: CAMS-REG-AP_v2.2.1_2015_REF2: Same as A but including Condensable for Small Combustion in primary PM (independently from EMEP national totals)

Compare with the EMEP reference inventory (main difference compared to A regards spatialisation proxies)

C: EMEP 0.1 official country inventories

Test the LRTAP Black Carbon inventory (only available for 2017)

D: Same as C + BC modelling

Test the LRTAP BaP inventory

E: Same as C + BaP

Note: C/D/E can be part of the same model run

Technical Specifications

all input/output data are on, contact for login details

Model Setup

  • Geographical domain: 0.1 deg resolution, 25°W-45°E, 30°N-72°N
  • Time period: 20171201-20180228
  • Meteorology: IFS*tgz
  • Boundary Conditions: C-IFS*nc
  • Emissions:
  • Unit in emission files (CAMS-REG) kg/grid, NH3 is kg NH3, SO2 is kg SO2, NOx is kg NO2
  • A: CAMS-REG-AP_v2.2.1_2015_REF1.csv
  • B: CAMS-REG-AP_v2.2.1_2015_REF2.csv
  • C-E: pending
  • PM Splits (EC, OC, SO4, Na, OthMin in PM10 and PM2.5, note the different versions for REF1&REF2): PM_split_for_CAMS-REG-AP_v2_2_1_rev_20190326_REF1_2015.xlsx, PM_split_for_CAMS-REG-AP_v2_2_1_rev_20190326_REF2_2015.xlsx
  • Wood Burning / Fossil Fuel Share in PM10 and PM2.5 emissions (note the different versions for REF1&REF2): Share_biofuels_in_PM_small_combustion_REF1_2015.csv, Share_biofuels_in_PM_small_combustion_REF2_2015.csv
  • EC_wb is defined as the wood burning share of EC emissions in the PM2.5 fraction. It is computed from the national/sector PM2.5 emissions, modulated by the GNFR_Sector/C share of EC_fine and the share of biofuel for a given country
  • EC_ff is defined as the fossil fuel share of EC emissions in the PM2.5 fraction. It includes all the remaining EC_fine
  • Splits only available for coarse/fine (above/below 2.5µm), models apply their own splits below 1µm
  • Temporal variations: not prescribed (degree days or monthly climatologies)

Model Outputs

Surface only

  • CAMS grib (for CAMS models) or netcdf: 1 file per species (whole period)
  • Units: kg/m3 for the grib files, µg/m3 for the netcdf files (gas/particualte species)
  • Hourly

Species: (grib codes in brackets for models using grib format, when available)

  • Please deliver as many species as possible, the priority is on PM10, PM2.5, ECff_2.5, ECwb_2.5. We note that PM1 is not available in emissions, and therefore in many models
  • PM10 (40008), PM2.5 (40009), PM1 (62078), NO2 (5), O3 (0),
  • PM Species in PM2.5 fraction: ECff_25 (62097), ECwb_25 (62098), POA_25 (62011), SOA_25 (62012), NO3_25 (13), NH4_25 (10), SO4_25 (22), OPPM_25 (any other primary PM, 62094)
  • PM Species in PM1 fraction: ECff_1 (62089), ECwb_1 (62091), POA_1 (62087), SOA_1 (62085), NO3_1 (62079), NH4_1 (62081), SO4_1 (62083), OPPM_1 (62093)
  • PM Species in PM10 fraction: ECff_10 (62090), ECwb_10 (62092), POA_10 (62088), SOA_10 (62086), NO3_10 (62080), NH4_10 (62082), SO4_10 (62084), OPPM_10 (62095)

Time line

  • 31.1.20 Draft Specifications & Input data circulated by Ineris
  • 14.2.20 Specifications finalised
  • 13.3.20 First series of model results delivered on ftp for experiments A&B to be presented to Condensable workshop & EMEP Extended Bureaux
  • 04.5.20 Final model results (A-E) to be presented to TFMM
  • June onwards: in depth analysis of models vs. observations
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