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-How to retrieve data from AeroCom server? 
-1) get access ​to the aerocom-user ​server ​(send email to Michael and Anna, send public key)+====== How to retrieve data from AeroCom ​server? =======
-2) login with ssh to +  - get access to the aerocom-user server (send email to Michael and Anna, send public key[[aerocom:​user-server|How to get access]] 
- +  - login with ssh to 
-3) change ​from your home directory ​to /​metno/​aerocom-users-database+  ​- ​change to the directory ​/​metno/​aerocom-users-database
       find your way in directories       find your way in directories
       pay attention to readme files       pay attention to readme files
       pay attention to netcdf global attributes of individual files (contact person, units...)       pay attention to netcdf global attributes of individual files (contact person, units...)
       respect data policy       respect data policy
 +====== Where do I find HTAP phase II data? =======
 +HTAP phase II data are stored on the aerocom-users server in the directories:​
 +Please find more info on experiment names in Galmarini, S., Koffi, B., Solazzo, E., Keating, T., Hogrefe, C., Schulz, M., Benedictow, A., Griesfeller,​ J. J., Janssens-Maenhout,​ G., Carmichael, G., Fu, J., and Dentener, F.: Technical note: Coordination and harmonization of the multi-scale,​ multi-model activities HTAP2, AQMEII3, and MICS-Asia3: simulations,​ emission inventories,​ boundary conditions, and model output formats, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 1543-1555, https://​​10.5194/​acp-17-1543-2017,​ 2017.
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